Guide To Building Web Site Content

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Guide To Building Web Site Content

Instructions for volunteers to manage the web site knudi dot org


We will have many types of volunteers including teachers, administrators and co-ordinators. To add content to the Knudi website, one should have an account at Then they will be added to the team "Kannada Nudi Spoken Kannada"

Hashnode user name

When one creates an account at, they get to choose an username. One can choose whatever they like. For example, Ravi Krishnappa's hashnode username is @mdmdm

Pick an user name. One day, you may be creating your own publication.

Your First Article

When you log-in, you will see your profile photo at the top right corner. If you click, it will show "Start New Article". Click on it and then onwards, it is a natural flow.

Article Name

Please check with team members to name the article for intuitive guessing. The article name is also the URL for the article. Some article names may have the year to signify it's relavance is that year.

Audience Focus

There will be four types of audience

Casual Visitors

The content of website is indexed by major search engines like Google, Bing and probably another 100 sites. knudi content will come up in search engines and uses may click on that article. Then, they may browse around. Website like Knudi are like newspapers. Once you buy a newspaper, you can read any article on any page.


Parents who want to send their kids to Knudi may come to web site to learn about course schedule, course content, fee structure, teacher credentials, privacy etc


Students will be guided to visit a particular page to know about lessons, audio and video recordings, project works and home assignments


Teachers may revisit a page to update themselves or create new content. They may even update previous content to improve clarity or to fix mistakes. Co-ordinators may create or update time sensitive content to reflect changes.