Welcome Namaskara Kannada Kaliyona Banni

Welcome to Kannada Nudi workshops. We learn spoken Kannada with the help of volunteer teachers who are native speakers of and have taught kids and ...

Kannada is the sweetest and easiest language to learn

Yes, it's true. The volunteers teaching in this workshop have taught it to students from all age groups, from 8 years old to 40 years young. There are no pre requisites and the spoken Kannada is taught using many well proven techniques.

Educative and Fun

The pace is slow and steady. Classes are fun and kids love interacting with teachers and fellow students. Emphasis is on steady pace and inclusive. No kid will be left behind. We encourage parents to listen to their kids and encourage them.


Extensive communication will be in place. The parents are invited to an orientation class. Classes are scheduled in the morning and evening. Kids with different level of conversation skills are combined to maintain reasonable uniformity.